Natural Cheddar

Natural Cheddar

The milk from our grass-fed and pasture-raised dairy herds produces award-winning, flavoursome cheese ingredients.

Our award-winning work in natural and processed cheese is based on decades of experience. Our innovative work in these areas includes producing cheese products for customers to bring to market, as well as ingredients and curds for use in processing. This covers a wide range of applications, particularly in the retail and food service industries. 

We offer a range of white and red cheddar cheeses with flavour profiles ranging from mild and creamy in young products, to a distinctive sharp and full flavour in the cheddars we’ve matured over longer periods of time.

 ​​​​​​Key Benefits

  • Made with high-quality milk  from grass-fed cows
  • From cows who graze on open pastures
  • Customer-driven maturity
  • Tailored body and flavour profiles
  • Suitable for use in table cheddar, processed cheese and as a food ingredient
  • Excellent nutritional value
  • Suitability for vegetarian applications
  • Available as Truly Grass Fed


Truly Grass Fed

Also available as Truly Grass Fed

Truly Grass Fed is our range of premium grass fed dairy ingredients. Wholesome dairy made with milk from cows that are 95% grass fed* and spend most of the year outdoors grazing. So when you choose Truly Grass Fed, you can be assured that you’re choosing ingredients that adhere to our highest standards of nutrition, flavour and quality.

To find out more about what the Truly Grass Fed seal means, click here.

Our manufacturing process

As the largest manufacturer of cheddar cheese in the world, our expertise helps us to stay ahead of a dynamic market where demands can quickly evolve. We use our experience in developing award-winning cheese to help solve your technical challenges and improve the overall quality of your cheese.

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