Image of a sandwich woth cheddmax EV

CheddMax Enhanced Viscosity

CheddMax EV is a functional Cheese curd designed for use in a variety of processed cheese end-products. It is designed to exhibit superior functionality that is easily incorporated into existing processing equipment and recipes.

CheddMax EV  is designed for use in a variety of processed cheese end products such as: Individually Wrapped Slices (IWS), Slice-on-Slice (SOS), Blocks, Triangles and soft and spreadable cheese.

Key benefits to you and your consumer

images are individually wrapped cheese slices

Individually Wrapped

Our CheddMax EV range shows superior firmness in IWS forming a less brittle and less sticky slice making it easier to unwrap.
image of cheese slices


Cheddmax EV demonstrates superior firmness in SOS resulting in a slice that is more similar to a natural cheese slice.
image of cheese triangles


CheddMax EV demonstrates higher viscosity in processed cheese triangles compared to standard cheddar cheese.

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