image of CheddMax cheese on a pizza

CheddMax Low Browning

CheddMax LB is one of our range of natural cheese solutions developed by our experts to help you deliver the taste and functionality where reduced browning is required.

It is designed for use in a variety of processed cheese end products such as:Individually Wrapped Slices (IWS), Slice-on-Slice (SOS), Blocks and Grated Cheese for Pizza.

Key benefits to you and your consumer

image of grated cheese

Superior Functionality

CheddMax LB is a specifically designed cheese solution for the processed cheese industry that enhances the end product appearance.
image of cheese on a pizza

Browning/Discolouration Process

Cheddmax LB is designed to address challenges associated with browning/discolouration and can enhance the end product appearance by reducing browning in the final cheese product.
image of sliced cheese

Existing Recipes & Processes

CheddMax LB is easily incorporated into existing recipes and processes resulting in superior processed retail & foodservice sliced products.

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