Static image of a bowl of yoghurt with nuts and berries decorating the top.


A complete range of tailored yoghurt solutions

Our technical experts have developed a complete range of yoghurt solutions tailored to meet the changing demands of discerning consumers. From high protein, low-fat, low sugar applications to indulgent, spoonable snacks and on-the-go drinkable yoghurts, Opti-Yo offers a solution to perfect your formulation. Manufactured from high quality pasteurised, standardised milk from Irish family farms, Opti-Yo is a multi-functional range designed to deliver the following benefits:

Key Benefits

  • Increased protein content
  • Low in fat/low lactose/reduced sugar
  • Clean label, natural
  • Neutral flavour
  • Improved texture and appearance

With our Opti-Yo solution specifically designed for Greek-style yoghurt, you can achieve superior dispersibility and higher bulk density while using your existing processing equipment.

It delivers an excellent clean flavour profile, high nutritional value and is easily reconstituted in milk.