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Elevating dairy to a new standard

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The taste-test panels prove it: grass-fed products deliver a sensorial experience that is, in a word, exceptional*.
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Nutritional benefits

Not all milk is created equal. Studies** show that certain bioactive ingredients appear in higher concentrations in milk produced by grass-fed vs. grain-fed cows.
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Our products are fully traceable and minimally processed, blending natural factors with expert craftsmanship to deliver the best possible results.
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Our seal

We created this seal of excellence to communicate the premium quality and the promise of integrity that goes hand in hand with our dairy. Click here to find out more.

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At least 95% naturally grass fed

Our cows are 95% grass fed, with the remaining 5% coming from concentrates.***

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Independently verified

Truly Grass Fed products are Non-GMO Project Verified.

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Animal welfare friendly

All Truly Grass Fed products are certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW.

TGF No Hormones

No artificial growth hormones

Truly Grass Fed dairy products are 100% free from rBST (also known as rBGH), a genetically engineered variant of a natural growth hormone produced by dairy cows.****

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Access to pasture

Truly Grass Fed cows live how nature intended: outside. They are free to leisurely roam and graze on acres of lush, plentiful grass and enjoy their spacious surroundings for most of the year.

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Farmer-owned Co-op

Many Truly Grass Fed farms have been passed down through generations, and our farmers represent a mix of young, highly skilled entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans.

* Source: “Effect of pasture versus indoor feeding systems on raw milk composition and quality over an entire lactation” and “Quality characteristics, chemical composition, and sensory properties of butter from cows on pasture versus indoor feeding system” .

** Online quantitative survey among 1000 U.S. consumers - Age 20-60 - Primary grocery shoppers - Routine dairy consumption Survey Fielded November 2016.

*** 95% grass-fed cows for 250 days on a three-year average (taking inclement weather into account).

**** No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from growth hormone-treated and non-growth hormone-treated cows.

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